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Guard Monitoring

The company policy is to parade the guards before deployment. The parade enables the supervisor to access the physical fitness of the guards, dressing as well as ensure that all posts are manned. If there are more than 3 guards at a particular post, the other one is a supervisor and this enhance performance.

Supervisors make a minimum of three-visit (3) to the site during the day and at night. These visits are not limited, they may be more depending on how much work needs to be done. In cases where there is an alarming rate of theft reports, hourly visits are made to stabilize and control the situation.


• The purpose of the visit will be to check the Security Guards on duty:
• To ensure that the Security Guards fulfill their duties as allocated, so that the delivery of service is consistent with the agreed requirements of the contract
• To ensure that they are alert and vigilant in their duties.
• To follow up on any corrective actions that may have been identified as necessary.
• To report any incidence /accidents and any relevant security matters to the management of Waygard Security  and your management in accordance with site procedures.
• To ensure that all the equipment used by the Security Guards is satisfactorily functioning.